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Account Access

Are you attempting to gain access to or having problems with your account?

Apps & Software

Do you need assistance with one of the many software that Learning & Technology Services supports?

Classroom Technology

Are you an instructor who is having an issue with or in need of technology for an on-campus classroom?

Computer Labs

Are you having trouble with one of the lab computers on campus?

Digital Signs

Do you need to work with our digital sign team to create materials or report an outage?

Drives & File Storage

Are you attempting to save or retrive a saved file from somewhere other than your computer's hard drive (i.e. the cloud)?

Email & Calendars

Do you need assistance with something related to your email or calendar in Microsoft Outlook?

Guest Accounts

Are you a customer that has permissions to a account or technology that belongs to the university?

High-Performance Computing

Would you like to access the Blugold Supercomputing Cluster for your research?

Information Security

Do you need help with DUO or Okta, our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) tools?

IT Assets

Do you have questions or updates about university owned IT assets?

Office Computers & Devices

Are you a faculty or staff member who needs help with your university-owned technology?


Do you need assistance with setting up or using a mobile, office, or virtual phone?

Print, Fax, & Scan

Do you need to print, scan, or fax a file while on campus?

Wi-Fi & Wired Networks

Do you need help connecting to the UWEC network either on campus or from somewhere else?

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